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Neolithic Period


The Neolithic Period in Greece, which spans from approximately 7000 to 3000 BCE, marks a significant transformation in the region's prehistoric society. This era witnessed the transition from nomadic hunter-gatherer groups to settled agricultural communities, leading to advancements in farming, technology, and social organization.

Early Neolithic Period (circa 7000-6000 BCE)

Settlement and Agriculture:

Technology and Tools:

Social Organization:

Middle Neolithic Period (circa 6000-4500 BCE)

Expansion and Development:

Pottery and Art:

Trade and Exchange:

Late Neolithic Period (circa 4500-3000 BCE)

Advanced Settlements:

Social Stratification:

Ceremonial and Religious Practices:

Technological Innovations:

Legacy and Impact

Cultural Continuity:

Archaeological Significance:

In summary, the Neolithic Period in Greece was a time of profound change and innovation, marked by the transition from nomadic lifestyles to settled agricultural communities. This period saw significant advancements in farming, technology, social organization, and cultural practices, laying the groundwork for the complex societies that would emerge in the Bronze Age. The legacy of the Neolithic period is evident in the archaeological record and its lasting impact on the development of ancient Greek civilization.

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