Greek History

From the Mycenaeans and Minoans to Alexander

Greek History

The Greek civilization has formed the foundation for much of modern western culture and civilization. The ancient Greeks provided us with the ideas of democracy and liberty, as well as advancing the fields of philosophy, science, history and more. They were also magnificent artists, sculptors and dramatists with a flair for fine arts. Their architecture and wondrous structures such as the Parthenon continue to marvel and inspire us today. They also were fierce warriors and expert traders, dominating and colonizing the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts.

Greek Cultural Periods

See Greek Cultural Periods

Bronze Age (3000-1110 BC)

See Bronze Age

The Bronze Age is aptly named because it marked the transition from stone tools used in the Neolithic Period to newer and more efficient bronze tools. It is divided up by historians and archaeologists into three main sections, the Early Bronze Age, the Middle Bronze Age and the Late Bronze Age. The chronology for the Greek civilization is based on understanding the chronology in the Egyptian Old, Middle and New Kingdoms.

Geometric Period (1110-700 BC)

See Geometric Period (1110-700 BC)

Orientalizing Period (700-600 BC)

See Orientalizing Period (700-600 BC)

Archaic Period (600-480 BC)

See Archaic Period (600-480 BC)

Transition (480-450 BC)

Classical Period (450-300 BC)

See Classical Period (450-300 BC)

Hellenistic Period (323-31 BC)

See Hellenistic Period (323-31 BC)

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