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Greek Cultural Periods


Ancient Greek history is typically divided into several major cultural periods, each characterized by distinct developments in art, architecture, politics, and society. These periods are:

1. The Bronze Age (circa 3000-1100 BCE)

Early Bronze Age (3000-2000 BCE):

Middle Bronze Age (2000-1600 BCE):

Late Bronze Age (1600-1100 BCE):

2. The Dark Ages (circa 1100-800 BCE)

Sub-Mycenaean to Proto-Geometric Period:

3. The Archaic Period (circa 800-480 BCE)

Geometric Period (circa 900-700 BCE):

Orientalizing Period (circa 700-600 BCE):

Archaic Period Proper (circa 600-480 BCE):

4. The Classical Period (circa 480-323 BCE)

Early Classical Period (circa 480-450 BCE):

High Classical Period (circa 450-400 BCE):

Late Classical Period (circa 400-323 BCE):

5. The Hellenistic Period (circa 323-31 BCE)

Post-Alexander the Great:

Late Hellenistic Period:

6. The Roman Period (31 BCE - 330 CE)

Integration into the Roman Empire:

7. The Byzantine Period (circa 330-1453 CE)

Eastern Roman Empire:

Middle to Late Byzantine Period:

Each of these periods contributed uniquely to the development of Greek civilization and its enduring legacy, influencing art, architecture, politics, philosophy, and culture in the Western world and beyond.

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