Bronze Age > Early Bronze Age

Early Bronze Age


The early Bronze Age occurred in Greece between 3000 BC and 2000 BC and saw significant changes in the development of the region. During this time the people inhabiting Greece became domesticating and cultivating oils, grapes, wheat and other cereals. The reason for the name of this period is due to the change in the archaeological record which reflects a shift from polished stone and flint tools to bronze forged.

Bronze Age Cultures

See Bronze Age Cultures

The three main cultures that existed in ancient Greece during this time period were the Cycladic Culture, the Minoans and the Myceneans.

Cycladic Culture

See Cycladic Culture

The Cycladic Culture was the main group of people that inhabited the Greek islands known as the Cyclades.


See Minoans

The Minoans were the civilization that occuped the island of Crete.


See Mycenaeans

The Mycenaeans, also known as the Helladic culture are the dominant group of people that lived on mainland Greece during this time. They were responsible for fighting the famous Trojan War.



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